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Endoscopic laryngological operations are our specialty. We are pioneers in the field of endoscopic sinus surgery. We were the first to introduce the technique of endoscopic tonsil reduction. This method is not very invasive and significantly reduces the risk of postoperative complications – on the same day the patient is able to leave our hospital. N All operations are carried out at the Medical Center Krajmed in Warsaw, where we have two operating rooms equipped with the state of the art medical equipment. Medical Center Krajmed has its own hospital department, consisting of eight 1- and 2-person rooms for patients equipped with TV, telephone and wireless Internet.

Adequate treatment results are obtained by understanding the patient’s ailments and needs, applying the appropriate surgical technique and appropriate post-operative care.

Most often performed procedures:

  • endoscopic sinus surgery,
  • nasal septum operations,
  • correction of nasal turbinates,
  • nasal polyps removal,
  • opening of the frontal sinus of the Draf III type,
  • correction of external nose deformity,
  • third tonsil endoscopic surgery ,
  • tonsils surgery,
  • ear drainage / ear reconstruction surgery,
  • snoring treatment,
  • laryngeal microsurgery,
  • reconstruction of tear ducts.