About Us

ENTCARE is a team of highly qualified ENT specialists .  In 2016, we established a partnership with a clinic in Dublin – Family Healthcare, where our clinic is situated. We offer consultation for children and adults. We know how to talk to the youngest patients so that a visit to a doctor is a pleasant experience for them. Every little patient comes out of the office with a small gift. Thanks to many years of experience of our specialists we diagnose properly and quickly introduce effective treatment.

dr_krajewskiThe facility was founded by Marek Krajewski, M.D., Ph.D., an otorhinolaryngologist specializing in endoscopic nose surgery. Dr Marek Krajewski graduated at Warsaw Medical University, Poland. Started his Medical career at the Department of Anesthesiology. Then relocated to RSA where at ENT Department of Medical University of Southern Africa obtained his Master degree in ENT surgery. Shortly after he was appointed as an acting  Head of the  ENT Department. Being involved in all the administrative, lecturing and organization duties he realized that the time available for strictly clinical job was limited so he resigned the past and started private ENT practice.
During his residency he was mainly performing reconstructive ear surgery. To master it he completed 6 mo fellowship in the USA.. While working on facial nerve with Dr  Mark May (Pittsburg) he came across an endoscopic sinus surgery. There he realized that it would be his passion for life. He completed many endoscopic surgery courses. Later on he relocated back to Poland, where he started private ENT practice – Krajmed. Practice continuously grows, at present group consists of 20 ENT specialists. The group has own hospital with two operating rooms. Marek Krajewski developed personal, bloodless technique of endoscopic adenoids operation. Since its introduction in the series of 2000 operations he has not had a single post of bleeding. For this achievement he was granted Phd degree.
His passion to nose and sinus surgery persist. He is the most taken sinus surgeon in Poland. To improve the outcome  he had a fellowship with Prof. Draf in Fulda. Extensive, polypoid sinus changes are successfully operated by him. He is a master of septum and septal perforation repair surgery.
While performing external nose operations he became a Regional Delegate of European Association of Facial Plastic Surgery. Since the Krajmed team was joined by two American Board Certified Facial Plastic surgeons, operations combining internal nose and external nose shape changes are performed by 2 surgeons at the same setting.
Having highly dedicated administrative team he manages Krajmed Medical Centre employing 60 staff members. His typical working week consist of 2 operative days, 2 outpatient days and 1 administrative. He feels the best in OR or outpatient unit, even small board meetings he prefers to hold there.
To sum up he devoted his life to patients, treatment and the patients satisfaction is his greatest award.