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ENT consultations

ENT consultations

We offer laryngological diagnostics using the classic and endoscopic methods and provide outpatient advice in the field of diseases: nose, sinuses, ears, throat. Modern, specialist equipment is used during consultations.

Treated diseases:

  • hypertrophy of the tonsils;
  • acute and chronic sinusitis;
  • obstruction of the tear duct;
  • nasal polyps;
  • curvature of the nasal septum;
  • nasal obstruction;
  • rhinitis;
  • inflammation of the inner and middle ear.


Performed tests:

  • endoscopic laryngological examination using an endoscope and endoscopic camera.
  • tympanometry – a non-invasive and painless method of examination of the middle ear, consisting in the assessment of the sensitivity of the tympanic membrane to changes in pressure in the external auditory canal. It consists in measuring the reflection of the sound wave from the eardrum during pressure changes in the external auditory canal.